Turn complex into simple, connect everthing with no boundary— New deployment of SimpleChain2021 already coming

As an innovative technology which can take the lead in the era, blockchain technology, has a high correlation between its development and innovation.

SimpleChain is the public blockchain that has the design concept of one main-chain with multiple sub-chain, applying PoW which is the only distributed consensus mechanism practiced through time and scale combining open consensus algorithm and publicly available consensus algorithm to guarantee the security of ledger as well as persistent excitation. By designing the multi-layer distributed value network, SimpleChain can support the deployment and extension of publicblockchain in multiple business scenarios.

Sub-chain can choose their own consensus algorithm which is suitable for their scenarios according to business requirement, and the two-way anchoring between the cross-chain node and the main chain further forms the cross-chain transactions with other sub-chain. It can satisfy the performance of ten thousands of TPS, and obtain the eventual consistency provided by the main chain at the same time.

In order to form an open, transparent and consistent distributed community, an inclusive policy is proposed and embedded in the genesis block as a part of the SimpleChain running mechanism.

The creator and initial operator of the SimpleChain is the SimpleChain Foundation — a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promoting and supervising the growth of the SimpleChain open source community. The foundation has neither pre-distributed nor pre-mined SIPC at the very beginning of the SimpleChain. Every block along with the incentive reward need to be mined through the contribution of computing power, and only a 5 percent of the computing power rewards will be donated to the predetermined foundation address in the first year.Annually, that donation percentage will be halved, so that the community be come fully distributed gradually.

The SimpleChain is a cornerstone for compatible and practical distributed digital economy.

as the foundation resource for the SimpleChain, SIPC operated the character like oil in the digital economy circulating, therefore the SimpleChain Foundation is registered in Singapore,, Denton’s Solicitors Issued a confirmation opinion toward SIPC opinions on the identification of Utility Token.

SimpleChain is a variety of digital products based on digital petroleum SIPC processing. SimpleChain continues the logic of BTC and ETH, In 2019, it chose combined the Proof of Work (POW) with Customized silicon ASIC chip. Therefore, SimpleChain is based on silicon chip technology and the innovation of blockchain technology.

Ⅰ: SimpleChain accomplish the goal of fusion WEB3.0 technology into data privacy and safe operation. Through Homomorphic Encryption(HE), Zero Knowledge Proof, and Federated Learning technology, make all kinds of data and algorithms are circulated credibly such as Bitcoin come ture;

Ⅱ: Through the effective proof of work (EPoW) algorithm, the “mining” computing power is directly integrated with the privacy security computing power, the privacy security computing power of SimpleChain is greatly improved to the industrial application level(such as Charity, Judicial, Gaming, E-Commerce, Payment,Assets) combined with the the ASIC chip.

The so-called effective proof of work (EPoW) is based on the blockchain with distributed incentives, uses the effective computing power output as the distributed computing power type, and carries out the verification of PoW, thus will change the current status of the existing proof of work which is only for the operation hash. SimpleChain introduces the algorithm verification of matrix operation in the consensus algorithm, so that the computing power of the consensus algorithm not only can be used to the PoW, but also can be used as the required matrix multiplication operation computing power for the artificial intelligence in each layer of the deep neural network.

Ⅰ : SimpleChain also provides a open development resource :the parallel chain expansion slots can make each parallel chain operate as a complete public chain;

Ⅱ : As an open cross-chain relay infrastructure, SimpleChain has realized cross-chain interconnection with various public, alliance and private chains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Pocket Card and Fabric, and is based on a completely open free notary system.

Ⅰ:It supports many pluggable consensus algorithms such as RAFT, PBFT, POA, DPOS and POW, and supports both commercial and national secret systems

Ⅱ: And the operation is compatible with international hardware and Mainland China Xinchuang hardware (CLP Feiteng, Huawei Kunpeng) has been applied in parallel chains (such as multiple financial, judicial, government industries). Among them, there have been many parachains that have passed the authoritative evaluation of TPS reaching ten thousand levels (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Standards Institute evaluated 85,000);

Ⅲ:On-chain transaction consumption is more than ten thousand times lower than that of Ethereum.

In the process of more than 2 years of ecological development of SimpleChain, it has also formed a unique ecosystem with various platform cooperation services: such as e-commerce (Global Moments), games (GWC, chain game players, electric souls), jewelry trading (Australian Diamonds) , Distributed finance (BVIP, DeCredit).

Among them, the distributed financial ecosystem BVIP has attracted the favor of capital from all over the world. A decentralized gray-scale trust ecosystem oriented to Asia has been built based on SimpleChain. With the help of SimpleChain’s cross-chain infrastructure, BVIP Trust can finish the DeFi assets investment for multiple public chain through on-chain transaction.

Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.