The new version of SimpleChain website based on New VI Visual Design is coming!

4 min readJun 24, 2021


All along, SimpleChain vision is to build an open network platform for developers and entrepreneurs, being available for everyone.

SimpleChain platform can ensure the safety of assets about application people can rest assured that store high-value assets.Meanwhile SimpleChain also provide Internet service platform technology immediately following the trend.

At the same time, as the passport of the blockchain world, SimpleChain also provides an open source platform for creators, communities and markets, and empowers consumers.

Recently, through the contributions of designers in the SimpleChain website community and voting by SIPC developers, the new SimpleChain official website will combine the new VI visual experience to show the brand new concept:

01:Main colors design concept:

Technology black + Ecological green

By this time, through the contributions of the designers in the SimpleChain website community and the joint confirmation of SIPC developers’ voting, it’s finally confirmed that the official website of SimpleChain will be launched with the new VI visual design.

The design concept is as follows:

The main color is stable and we can see dark tones is the main brand color. The cool color is more comfortable and reduces anxiety; which is stable, the digital screen is not glare, and the user is not easy to feel tired when reading.

In the meantime, the ecological green added by the designer :it represent the meaning of hope, safety, comfort, life, and vitality, which coincides with the construction goal of the SimpleChain ecological community.

The visual concept of the new VI visual version bring us closer to the complementary and mutually defining relationship between the flat form and the space.

One of VI design concept map

This is an ingenious relationship between interaction and coexistence. Just like the ecological community under SimpleChain technology, it is also interactive, dependent, and complementary to each other, and finally forms a dynamic ecological community.

At the same time, it also marks the development process of SimpleChain, which has transitioned to a different new stage.

This worth remembering moment for the development of SimpleChain. The continuous influx of new concepts, designs, and the intersection of the latest blockchain technology provide the necessary impetus for us.

Through the combination of SimpleChain website and the latest VI visual concept, we firmly believe that in the near future, in addition to transitioning this new concept to the mainnet line and opening a new stage, we will continue to show all participants our firm rear drive power:


We will chain up the world

The SimpleChain network has been fully released, but there is still a lot of room for growth in the future.

SimpleChain’s architecture design can support all decentralized use cases, including providing stable coins for global users, creating decentralized financial tools on the chain, creating markets, improving user experience, and so on.

Each use case will benefit from the tools, fluidity, and various components provided by other use cases. This is why SimpleChain’s development architecture is designed in this way. Infinite possibilities give SimpleChain nearly unlimited opportunities, and each member of the SimpleChain ecosystem can join us and share the technological achievements.

The recently launched decentralized DEX project, SimSwap, was launched on May 28th UTC time ( With the help of SimpleChain public chain’s high TPS, high stability, and low gas fee performance, It is perfectly compatible with EVM, and provides the best liquidity, lowest fee (transaction fee 0.000001SIPC), and highest capital efficiency transaction services for the entire network.

NFT applications have also been put on the agenda of ecological development and construction:

NFT protocol deployment and trading platform are in the development stage. It is based on SimpleChain and implements the NFTS721 protocol. After being developed and improved by the technical team, NFT assets can be created in SimpleChain. The NFT application has recently completed the 1.0 version test.

NFT artwork “First Dinner” was successfully auctioned at 103.4ETH Transfer from [Chain World]

What everyone is seeing is just the beginning of SimpleChain’s take-off. Developer tools, platform components, and user experience are being upgraded in an amazing speed.Once you get loose, you are likely to miss the important information.

Now is just the beginning, come and join the SimpleChain ecosystem, and we forge ahead together, set sail!

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Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.