SimpleChain Weekly Status Report (2019/03/09–03/15)

Big Events Of SimpleChain

The first public blockchain designed in double-layered structure (in China) SimpleChain has made all source code available at GitHub and published its roadmap on March 8th 2019. At the same time, SimpleChain core team announced the launch of the global incentive plan for the technology community, which is an important step in the globalization of the project to the open source community after the its community ecological incentive plan.

SimpleChain Community Incentive System

SimpleChain has launched various products including digital asset wallet ChainBox (0.0.4), the client SimpleNode (0.0.4), mining pool Simpool (Beta), as well as its first sub chain of the judicial field - VeraxChain. VeraxChain builds an electronic data service platform based on blockchain to provide users with electronic vouchers, online forensics and copyright protection services. In June 2018, the Hangzhou Internet Court publicly pronounced a case of a dispute over the infringement of right of communication through information network. For the first time, it confirmed the legal effect of the electronic data using the blockchain technology.


The SimpleChain foundation chief director Leo Yu was invented to the “BIT BANG” sponsored by BibiNews, Jianan Blockchain, LINKVC, and Randao Capital, focusing on the theme of “The Way of Making Money By Mining”.

Leo Yu said: "We hope to build a blockchain data center meets industrial standards. We already have a professional management monitoring platform, a distributed computing industrial park and standardized operation and maintenance management. We have launched a digital asset management platform It will provide services such as mining machines leasing, equipment hosting, cloud computing, etc., which can integrate global computing power resources. I think computing power is a key element in maintaining the bitcoin distributed consensus mechanism. The past is knowledge-driven, and the future is driven by computing power, which means the resources of competition will also be computing resources. It will become the cornerstone of the silicon-based civilization from the carbon-based civilization."

This week, SimpleChain is officially entering in ChainNode (used to be 8btc) and launched the community airdrop, attracting thousands of followers with more than 500 postings. ChainNode founded in 2011 is the earliest and the most powerful community of blockchain enthusiasts. It combines online communication and offline theme events aiming to connect various nodes and building a free, fair communication platform with strong interaction.

SimpleChain partnered with leader digital asset wallet (in China) MOXN to kickstart a bounty on March 12th 2019. Any user who first time to download the wallet will be rewarded 5 SIPC and those who invite new users that successfully signed up with 1 SIPC. One invite 5 friends will be rewarded 3 SIPC and over 10 friends will gain extra 5 SIPC.

According to the “SimpleChain Community Volunteers Recruit Plan” and the performance of volunteers during the last month, we are glad to announce that volunteers in the following list will be rewarded and obtain rewards recently.

欲戴皇冠秉承其重 500SIPC

人間觀察員 500SIPC

BennyDaniel 300SIPC

Passer A 路人甲 200SIPC

According to the SimpleChain Foundation, it has recently reached a cooperation with a number of large-scale mining pools. Multiple mining pools will be launched in the second quarter of this year. The specific launching time is subject to the announcement of the official website of the mining pool.

Development Progress

1.Complete the docking of ChainBox and the VeraxChain while support PC-side scanning code and H5 to pick up the application for payment.

2.ChainBox (iOS) adds the “keychain” function. If the user turns on the keychain backup, the wallet can be restored with one click when the iOS electronic signatures is invalided.

3.Complete the pick up for payment test and one-click recovery test.

4.Complete the Android and iOS regression test and the online version 1.0.3 verification test.

1.Complete gopool test, assign task difficulty adaptive test and add HTTP service interface.

2. Mining pool back end of new version is about 70% completed.

3. Deal with the PPS statistics function in the process of BTCC mining pool docking.

1. Complete the first-phase code open source.

2. Discuss the second phase of the program. It will firstly achieve the minimum prototype to verify the feasibility of the program.

3.Discuss the use of the submissions volumes and the difficulty value to correct the calculation of computer power which is inaccurate calculated by startum or remove the parameter to maintain the independence of the node.

1.Fixed an issue with stuck programs when console log output on windows system.

2. Organize the gpminer's file.




Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.

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Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.

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