SimpleChain Weekly Report:June28 — July11

The main points of SIPC Weekly report updated were as following:

1. New developer tools added to the official website

2. Stay tuned for multiple ecological upgrades

3. Browser stay in test deployment phase, ready to go online

4.Preview: Browser innovation! We are calling the chief experience officer of the whole network to get great rewards!

1.Mobile terminal development has been developed and will be launched online soon
2.New developer tools added to the official website

NFT platform has been completed based on SimpleChain, the next step is waiting for the test deployment

SimpleChain browser V.12 contract deployment has been completed, and will be coming soon

SimpleChain ecology in the near future are emerging all types of innovation: In addition to the new official online line, SimpleChain Browser V1.2 version will soon be coming soon!

During the launch of the new version of the browser, SimpleChain will convene the chief experience officer of the entire network, and our lucky partners will activate great SIPC rewards, so stay tuned!

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Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.