SimpleChain Quarterly Report: January 17-April 21

Following the rapid evolution of blockchain technology, SimpleChain has made significant progress at the beginning of 2021. The underlying technology has been fully developed, especially in multiple supporting tools and deploying multiple applications. SimpleChain retrospect the blockchainmarket during the quarter, we show no more the technical framework, but also the technical improvement for everyone.

The main points of SIPC in Q1 are as follows:

1. Optimization of main chain architecture and sub chain architecture

2. Transverse cross-chain compatibility is improved

3. Deployment of the Defi

4. NFT protocol deployment and trading platform development

5. Optimization the SimpleChain Wallet

6. Web 3.0 infrastructure development

1, Rapidly one-key login platform improvement. It greatly satisfies the project partners based on the structure and improves the overall business efficiency.
2. Zero knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption are strengthened and optimized.

1、Interactive Connectivity Establishment between the main chain and the sub chain, assets can be migrated across platforms, serving upper-level applications.

2. Implement the heterogeneous cross-chain between SimpleChain and Ethereum (ETH), mainly by splitting the transmitted data fragments and encapsulating them into specific data formats.Then encryption technology is used to encrypt the data format, then the received data is spliced according to specific rules. Finally we establishment an information exchange format, or data exchange protocol.

1、Accelerated the(Dex)SIMswap project, we have 90% complete progress accomplished.

2、Establisment collaborative relationship with Stablecoin, lending, yield aggregator. At the same time, our teamwork partners included dozens of Dapp development teams, the new product will be launch in the second quarter.

1、The deployment of NFT trading platform based on SimpleChain has been 40% completed; SimpleChain implemented the NFTS721 protocol;

2、NFT asset creation can be done in SimpleChain in the near future- which is expected to be online in June.

1, SimpleChain wallet newly support for BTC, ETH, ZTB and TRX assets.

2, SimpleChain wallet can access ETH, ZTB, SIPC and other chains of Dapps; You can use the wallet directly to access the Dapp.

1. Decentralized distributed identity system completed;

2. On-chain data confirmation and authorization;

3. Privacy computing and other related functions completed ;

4、Decentralized storage based on SimpleChain.

Mainnet Data

Up until April 21, 2021, the total number of SIPC tokens is 100 million, with a circulation of 78.6 million and a daily output of 36,000. Average peak computing power is 273.473GH/S, and the difficulty was 3.472TH.

Launched on January 4, 2019, SimpleChain aims to simplify the blockchain for business, and build a simple, easy-to-use distributed blockchain network.

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